Let's Play Planet Coaster Episode 18 - Vintage Cars Ride

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  • Uploaded 12 months ago in the category Travel Bloggers

    Join us as we let our imagination run wild in the latest theme park simulation game to hit the market, Planet Coaster! Throughout this exciting series you'll be able to join Shawn as he builds his dream theme park, along with learning everything about this awesome new game along the way.

    Developed by Frontier, Planet Coaster takes theme park design to the next level allowing more flexibility than ever before and was released on the 17th November 2016.

    Throughout our series of videos, you'll also be able to get involved by suggesting which rides we should build, along with names for our attractions! New Planet Coaster videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel regularly.

    In this episode I continue work on the parks Fantasy Themed area by constructing a heavily themed tracked ride.

    After careful consideration about the rides I wanted to build in my park, I decided that a Vintage Cars would work perfectly alongside my Medieval Junior Coaster built in the previous episode.

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